Our Bespoke Process

“Throughout my years of becoming a Master Jeweller, I have been fortunate enough to have learnt the art of Jewellery that dates back to Ancient times. Hand making Jewellery has given me the capacity to understand how precious metals work and react with the stroke of a file and the cut of a saw. Creating Jewellery by hand requires great imagination, determination, instinct and skill. With the craftsmanship of handmade there comes great satisfaction in creating a piece of Jewellery knowing that I have turned a vision in my mind into a reality, which holds great sentiment value to myself and my clients. The rise in technology has dwindled the handmade art form. I have been grateful to learn techniques that have been passed down from generations and incorporate them into modern designs.”


Ideas and inspirations

Master Jeweller Cosimo will take the time to hear your ideas and inspirations.  From here Cosimo begins his creative process and incorporates your vision into reality. Here he will discuss the types of metals and stones that can be used in your jewellery masterpiece. Cosimo also has a wide range of unique designs in store for viewing. 


Once stones and metals have been chosen, a drawing of the proposed design will be available for the client to make any adjustments before the manufacturing process begins.

Final Design

A final quote will be provided and any last minute changes will be available to insure you get your perfect bespoke piece of jewellery.


Once we have received your deposit,  Master Jeweller Cosimo will begin crafting your bespoke jewellery piece using only the highest quality materials to allow for the highest quality finishes.

All jewellery pieces are hallmarked for authenticity. All stones are carefully set by hand which allows maximum security of the gems. Upon completion your bespoke custom design is put through testing to ensure optimal quality.

Final Presentation

A final payment is made upon your pick up, All bespoke pieces are individually boxed and wrapped for you. All certificates and valuations will be provided.